2 years old and beyond

Toilet training

Most children will toilet train between the ages of 2 and 3 years, but some may take a little longer to be completely dry. It is important that toilet training is started when your child is showing signs of being ready as this helps to ensure that toilet training remain calm and stress free for you both.

Toilet training should never be forced and should always remain a positive experience with lots of positive praise.

You can discuss toilet training at any time with the team and it will be discussed further at your childs 2-year development check.

The local family centres also run sessions on toilet training which are free to attend.

Southend Family Centres


School ready

As your child grows and prepares to move on form nursery into the school setting its important that we help and support them to make this transition as smooth as possible.

At home you can help them to prepare by

  • making sure they can put on and take off their coat
  • making sure they can dress and undress themselves
  • take shoes off and put them on without help and on their own
  • can go to the toilet independently and wash their hands without support
  • can follow simple instructions given

For further advise and support see our School Nurses page.


Sleeping through the night is important for both children and parents, we know that sleep enables us to rest and recover, allows for brain development and retention of the things we have learned during the day, enabling us to start a new day relaxed and refreshed.

Waking during the night impacts both the child and parent and can make everyday activities more fraught and less enjoyable due to tiredness.

Bedtime routines are also important to help with going off to sleep feeling safe and secure, we can all sleep through the night but sometimes we need a little help.

If you would like some support with helping your child sleep through the night or with night-time routines, please contact us on 01702 534911


There is lots of support for parents in dealing with difficult behaviour through our parenting groups, more information can be found on the Livewell Southend website.

Childrens behaviour often changes as they grow and enter new phases, this can be challenging for parents and difficult to know how to manage at times.

Boundaries are an important part of this and help children to feel safe and secure, when children do not have boundaries, they often feel insecure and at times this can escalate unwanted behaviour.

You call the team for further advise and support and to discuss any issues you may have.

Fussy eating

We all want our children to eat well and have a health balanced diet, but sometimes they decide they no longer want to eat the foods we know are good for them.

This is common for most children at some point during there early years and although it can be frustrating as a parent it is often something that resolves itself, with time and consistency.

If you feel this has gone on for a longer period of time and you would like further advise you can access this through the 1st steps nutrition website First Steps Nutrition Trust.

Its also important to ensure your child is receiving all the vitamins they need, and this can be sourced through the healthy start programme Getting vitamins - Get help to buy food and milk