Support during labour

You will probably have lots of questions about giving birth. Your midwife will be able to support you with any questions you may have. There are also antenatal classes available to help support you as well (please contact the Little Steps team for more information).

Here is a useful link to The Positive Birth Company YouTube channel, to help support you with your labour. You may find the following videos on this link useful:

  • introduction to hypnobirthing
  • water births
  • how not to be scared of birth
  • Oxytocin vs Adrenaline
  • the role of the birth partner
  • breathing techniques
  • creating your optimum birth environment
  • why are UFOs important during labour and birth?
  • how do you use your B.R.A.I.N in labour?
  • balloons and ping pong balls .... a pushing demonstration
  • why hypnobirthing is like doing a massive poo!
  • how to nail up breathing techniques