0 to 1 year old children

Tips for new parents


Building a bond with your baby is important to help them grow into happy, healthy adults, the following website have some for top tips for bonding with baby.

My babys brain

Building a Happy Baby

Common childhood illnesses

All babies become unwell at some time - see the Parents Guide - Common childhood illnesses and well-being for how to manage any common illnesses.


There are different options for contraception such as the pill or long-term contraception such as the coil or implant. Contact your GP or visit the Brook Southend website to find out more.

Family Centres and baby weighing clinics

There are lots of activities for you and baby at your local family centre.


Southend Family Centres

Southend child health clinic

Clinics will be appointment only from July 2023. Please call 01702 534911 for an appointment. For more information about clinic dates and locations see the Southend child health clinics page.


Advice and support are available to support your feeding choices.


Bottle Feeding

Mixed Feeding

Bump to Breast: Breastfeeding Group Support - A Better Start Southend

The Breastfeeding Network


Babies will cry more in their first 3 months, here is a guide for how to cope with crying.


Your baby will be invited for routine immunisations, see the schedule on the NHS website.

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor exercises are important to help strengthen your muscles around your bladder, bottom and vagina following labour.

Best Beginnings

What are pelvic floor exercises?


It is important to keep baby safe, here is a list of things to watch out for

Main causes of accident and injury


Safe sleep is important for baby, see the Safer sleep for babies guide for keeping baby safe at sleep time.


We know how important sleep is for you and baby, so here is a Helping your baby to sleep guide to help you.


Weaning your baby onto food is recommended at 6 months old

First Steps Nutrition Trust

Weaning - Start 4 Life