Schools delegated budget

The majority of children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) will have their needs met within local mainstream schools. Provision will range from the normal differentiated curriculum practices in the classroom to detailed programmes with advice from universal and targeted services where required.

All schools must publish details of what SEND provision is available through their SEND Information Report which is usually found on the school's website.

Schools (including academies) are expected to meet the majority of pupils' special educational needs using funding from their delegated budget.

There are three elements of the delegated budget:

  • mainstream schools use their delegated budget to provide support for all children and young people; this funding is called Element 1
  • mainstream schools may need to use their delegated budget to provide targeted support and make provision for children and young people who have additional needs or SEND; this funding is called Element 2
  • mainstream schools who need to make provision for pupils with high needs (those with Education Health and Care Plans) will receive top up funding. The top up funding is called Element 3