School nursing services are offered to schools within Southend and in an expanding number of family Centres. School Nurses are the lead public health professional for school aged children, taking over from the Health Visitor on the child's fifth birthday. School Nurses work in partnership with families and other professionals to promote the health of all children and to support children with health needs in the school environment. This includes care planning with schools and parent's to ensure the needs of children with diagnosed conditions are met. Care packages and services are also offered for other health needs such as weight management, bed wetting, hearing and vision assessments, and emotional well-being.

Every year, one million Reception and Year 6 children are weighed and measured as part of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP). This helps the government to plan and provide better health and leisure services for children living in your area. The NCMP also provides feedback on how your child is developing and a chance to think about any changes you can make to keep them as healthy as possible. This is completed by the school nursing service and you will receive information about this via the school if your child is taking part.

For young people, School Nurses are a source of advice and support for a range of health issues by offering a drop in service in schools. School nurses work in partnership with other health professionals to achieve positive outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Young people living in Southend can access ChatHealth, which is a secure and confidential text messaging service for young people aged between 11 to 19 years. It allows young people living in Southend to easily and anonymously get in touch with a School Nurse for advice and support. 11 to 19 year olds can text 07520 649895 for advice regarding mental health, sexual health, bullying, drugs, alcohol, self-harm, relationships and smoking.

A referral can be made via a School Nurse referral form which is available in schools. School nursing will also accept telephone referrals. Referrals can be made by other professionals and parents. All secondary schools have been offered a drop in service where young people can easily and directly access their school nurse. The team can be contacted on 01702 534843. School Nurses can also visit families at home if indicated.

Please note: school nurses no longer offer immunisations for school-age children; there is now a separate team providing this service and they are based at Valkyrie Road Primary Care Centre. Please contact the Immunisation Team on 03007900597 or via

Additional services within school nursing

  1. NCMP and Health4Life
  2. Health Improvement Practitioner Specialists
  3. Healthy Lifestyle Practitioner
  4. Chat Health for parents/carers
  5. Chat Health for children & young people
  6. Drop in clinics

Health and Wellbeing strategy

Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021 to 2024

School Nursing Service

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Telephone: 01702 534843