Tailored Short Breaks

For children who require more support than available from the local offer, tailored short breaks are available. To access tailored short breaks, a social care assessment is required. The assessment will help to understand needs and how short breaks can support.

Tailored short breaks include support such as:

  • individual day time care and support that is regular and often
  • support from specially trained support staff for a short length of time to help families support their child to achieve a special target, such as being able to sleep better
  • overnight stays in a residential provision especially designed for children and young people with disabilities or complex health needs

If the assessment by social care identifies that families have needs for short breaks, there is the option of receiving direct payments instead. Direct payments are a specified amount of money paid to parents to buy their own support to meet the assessed need. Often this is used by parents to employ a carer/personal assistant who can look after their child either at home or out for the agreed number of hours.

How to access Tailored Short Breaks?

If your child(ren) already has a social worker, please contact them directly. If your child(ren) does not have a social worker, please contact Southend-on-Sea Children's Social care on 01702 215007 or email C-SPOC@southend.gov.uk