Community Access Grant (for parent carers)

Grants of up to £500 for parents/carers to arrange activities for your child's short break.

Community Access Grants for 2024/25

Due to an increase in the number of Main Access Grant applications (for groups and organisations) and the subsequent awards of such, we have allocated all the funds for the 2024/25 financial year.

Normally we would award the Main Access Grants and then the Community Access Grants would be awarded with the remaining available funds. The increase in relation to the number of Main Access Grant applications has provided Southend families with more variety and a greater number of activities that should meet the needs of SEND children and their families in Southend.

We recognise that some families will be disappointed as they would not be able to receive assistance from the Community Access Grants. We will be working to ensure the development of the Short Breaks offer in the coming period to ensure a wider and stronger offer to better meet the needs of Southend SEND children and their families. We look forward to your contribution to develop this.

The Main Access Grant awards for 2024/25 will be advertised on these pages shortly.