Volunteering covers most of the activities you can think of.

From washing up to specialist technical work.

You do not have to do anything you do not want to.

  • Look at a range of posts. You can pick the ones that suit you most
  • You choose how much time you want to commit.
  • You can say no. Charities understand that your work or family must come first
  • You can pick how far you want to travel
  • You are in control.

Common myths:

Volunteers are older people.

  • We have volunteers as young as 16.

Volunteering is unpaid labour.

  • Yes, it is unpaid. But it is the way charities ensure as much of the funds donated go to help their cause.

It needs a lot of your time.

  • You choose how many hours you give

I will end up doing something boring.

  • You can say no. Most charities try to match volunteers' skills to activities.

It is a one-way street, I give, someone else gains.

  • You really need to talk to our volunteers! There are so many rewards. From feeling the emotional benefit to reducing depression. There are a whole range of other health benefits.

Why not visit the Southend Volunteer Hub page? We run volunteering services across Southend. We help people find roles in their local community.

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Southend Volunteer Hub

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