LGBTQIA stands for:

  • L - lesbian: a woman who is attracted to other women
  • G - gay: a man who is attracted to other men or broadly people who identify as homosexual
  • B - bisexual: a person who is attracted to both men and women
  • T - transgender: a person whose gender identity is different from the sex the doctor put down on their birth certificate
  • Q - queer or questioning: queer is often used as an umbrella term for people who are not straight or who do not identify with their assigned sex at birth. People may also identify as queer if they do not feel the terms lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans fully represent them. Q can also stand for questioning - a person who is still exploring their sexuality or gender identity, is unsure or is concerned about applying a social label to themselves.
  • I - Intersex: Someone who has a variation in sex characteristics (such as reproductive organs) that may not allow them to be distinctly identified as female or male.
  • Asexual - a person who is not attracted in a sexual way to people of any gender

Watch a video showing pride and LGBTQ+ signs in British Sign Language.