Safe from burns

Everyone in the burns unit was the because of an accident. In a split second their whole life changed.

Mum of a little boy burned by a hot drink

A small child's skin burns really easily as it's so thin. Heres how to prevent serious burns.

Hot drinks

They can stay hot enough to scald even after 15 minutes. 8 to 18 month olds are most vulnerable are they love to grab.

  • watch out for fast little fingers when you're making a hot drink, push your mug to the back of the worktop before you reach for the milk
  • look for out-of-reach safe spots to put your drink down
  • make it a habit to put your child down before you pick up your drink

Hair straighteners

They can get as hot as your iron and can still burn 15 minutes after they are switched off.

  • keep hot hair straighteners and wands out of reach
  • put them in a heat-proof pouch or on a high shelf to cool

Button batteries

If a childd swallows a button battery and it gets stuck, it can burn a hole and cause internal bleeding and even death.

  • keep any loose batteries out of reach and dispose of 'flat' batteries quickly and safely
  • keep objects with east to access button batteries out of reach

Magnetic toys

High strength magnets in toys can rip through the gut if your child swallows them.

  • buy from a reputable retailer or a brand name you know, avoid online marketplaces


Young children won't always pull away from something that's burning them. hey may forget the rules about not touching hot things.

  • push kettles to the back of the worktop and use the back rings of the cooker first
  • if you're able to, keep children away from the kitchen when you're cooking or try to keep them in a highchair away from the cooker

Bath water

These scalds are really nasty and can happen in seconds.

  • put cold in first then top up with hot
  • test the temperature of the water with your elbow before putting your child into the bath
  • stay with your child in the bathroom in case they fiddle with the hot tap

Staying warm

  • move cots away from radiators then your baby can't get their arm or leg trapped against the heat
  • fit fireguards around fires and heaters
  • check your hot water bottle for wear and tear, replace every two years