If you need further information about Safeguarding Adults, please visit the Southend Safeguarding Partnership website for the most current information:

Southend Safeguarding Partnership

Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect is everyone's responsibility. Ignoring abuse is not an option.

An adult at risk may be someone living with Dementia, physical disabilities, a learning disability, mental health issues, addictions, homelessness and frailty who may not be able to protect themselves for a number of reasons.

Should you wish to report any concerns regarding an adult at risk we will take your concern seriously and ensure that it is investigated appropriately. When a local authority has reasonable cause to suspect an adult in its area is at risk of abuse and or neglect, it has a duty to undertake safeguarding enquiries.

You can report a concern in any of the following ways:

In case of an emergency - call 999

To report a non-urgent incident or crime to the Police - call 101

Southend's Access Team (for adult social care) - 01702 215008 option 5 or email AccessTeam@southend.gov.uk

To report concerns outside of office hours, call Emergency Duty Team - 0345 606 1212