Children with Disabilities team

The Children with Disabilities Team includes:

  • a team manager
  • a practice manager with responsibility for office management and the Duty System
  • 2 social worker's responsible for complex cases and child protection. One of these is a sensory lead.
  • a social worker with a special interest in Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • a family support worker leading on transition
  • a familty support worker responsible for supporting the qualified social workers and direct work with families
  • 1 business support officer
  • 1 screening officer

The team provides:

  • advice and guidance on service and resources
  • S47 Child Protection investigations.
  • Public Law Outline processes and care proceedings
  • single social work assessments (sometimes jointly with the First Contact team). Disabled Person's Assessments and Child in Need Reviews.
  • helps families plan for the future
  • support to families
  • organises short breaks
  • finds opportunities for children to have fun
  • in some cases provides long term alternative care Section 17 and 20 of The Children Act 1989.


In all its work, the Children with Disabilities Team will seek to promote equality of opportunity and the reduction of discrimination against those with disabilities.

The team will also abide by the following principles:

  • disabled children are to be seen as children first
  • disabled children are children in need
  • disabled children should have access to the same range of services as non-disabled children
  • the welfare of the child should be safeguarded and promoted by those providing services
  • every effort must be made to ascertain the child's wishes and feelings which must be taken into account
  • the importance of parents and families in the children's lives of disabled children should be recognised. Assessments are holistic and include the needs of the siblings and carers
  • parents of disabled children have greatly expanded care commitments towards their children, and should be recognised as both parents and carers
  • all carers of children held by the Children With Disabilities team have a right to a carer's assessment including young carers
  • in order to be able to meet their needs as carers:

Parent carers can receive direct payments in lieu of services for the child as well as in lieu of services for themselves as part of the family.

  • Disabled young people (16-17) can receive direct payments in lieu of services to them where appropriate.
  • Short-term breaks (formerly known as respite care) should be provided to meet assessed need.


Contact the Children's Single Point of Contact (C-SPOC)

Telephone: 01702 215007