Southend Volunteer Hub: Find your way and become a star in your community. Three people gardening at an allotment on a sunny day.

Following on from the successful launch of the Southend Volunteer Hub service, SAVS are excited to share that they now have their very own Southend Volunteer Hub social media channels.

The new channels are dedicated to promoting volunteering opportunities, recruiting new volunteers, sharing all of your wonderful stories and raising the profile of volunteering across Southend.

It has never been easier for local stars to find volunteering opportunities that suit them and support all of the wonderful organisations that do fantastic work across our community. Potential volunteers can discover roles in Southend that match their interests, time and passions across the web, mailing lists, printed advertisements and through the new social media channels. This allows the service to reach new audiences and future volunteers in places that are most comfortable for them.

The new channels will link up to the existing networks and partnerships at SAVS to help make the biggest impact for each volunteering opportunity that becomes available. This launch marks the final stage of providing Southend’s vibrant and active volunteering landscape with its own identity to truly celebrate and promote a positive picture of volunteering across our community.

So please visit and follow the new channels to stay up to date and share your news to support the growth of volunteering in Southend. You can find us the new channels on Twitter and Facebook by searching ‘Southend Volunteer Hub’ or by using the handle @VolunteerHubSOS

To find out more about the Southend Volunteer Hub or how you can volunteer or promote your volunteering opportunity, please visit

Published: Tuesday, 15th August 2023