NHS continuing healthcare is free care outside of hospital. It's arranged and funded by the NHS.

It is only for people over 18 who need ongoing care.

NHS continuing healthcare is sometimes called fully funded NHS care.

Where is care provided?

You can get NHS continuing healthcare in any setting. If someone in a care home gets this, it will cover their care home fees. Including;

  • the cost of accommodation
  • personal care
  • healthcare costs

Someone living in their own home will have personal and healthcare costs covered.


To be eligible a person must;

  • be over 18
  • have a "primary health need"
  • have a complex medical condition and substantial and on-going care needs

Not everyone will be eligible.

A decision should be made within 28 days.

Use the link below for information on;

  • eligibility
  • disputes
  • refunds
  • NHS-funded nursing care
  • assessments

Further information on NHS Choices

Differences with continuing care for children and young people

There are significant differences between children and young people's continuing care and NHS continuing healthcare for adults. Although a child or young person may be in receipt of a package of continuing care, they may not be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare. Young people in receipt of continuing care will be assessed when they are aged 16 to 17, to see if they are likely to be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare when they turn 18.

Other information

Information about Continuing Care for children and young people with complex health needs.

Continuing Care for children and young people