Vision and Hearing Support Service: Southend-on-Sea

This page has information about the Southend-on-Sea Vision and Hearing Support Service.

The service is made up of the Visual Impairment (VI) Team and the Hearing Loss Team.

Who we are

Paula Holmes - Specialist Teacher for Multisensory Impairment (MSI) and Specialist Teacher of the Deaf (Hearing Loss Team)

Beatrice Iordachi - Advisory Teacher for Visual Impairment (VI)

Kerry Lewis - Specialist Teacher of the Deaf (Hearing Loss Team)

Susan Payne - Pre-School Family Support Worker / Signing Instructor (Hearing Loss Team)

Angela Hera - Service Manager

What we do

We provide educational advice and support for children and pupils with a sensory impairment who live or go to school in the Southend-on-Sea Local Authority.

Support is given in a variety of settings and is based on individual need.

Provision can include:

  • Home-based and pre-school programmes to support children, families and pre-school staff.
  • Visits to mainstream and special schools for assessment, advice, monitoring and to work with pupils.
  • Recommendations for specialist equipment and resources.
  • Environmental audits to ensure optimum access.
  • Professional development and training for education personnel.
  • Links with other agencies.
  • For pupils with a hearing loss: instruction in sign language and in the use and maintenance of hearing aids.
  • For pupils with a visual impairment: teaching of Braille or Moon tactile alphabet, touch typing and mobility and independence training.

Contact the Vision and Hearing Support Service

Address: Southend-on-Sea City Council, Civic Centre, Floor 2, Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS2 6ER

Telephone: 01702 212310