The Development and Play Children's Service (Jigsaws) is part of the specialist health visitor service. They are part of the Lighthouse Child Development Centre team.

The service:

  • support families with children with additional needs. They make sure that everything is in place and make referrals when needed
  • support families through the assessment pathway for autism
  • run a Sleep Scotland support clinic
  • arrange for a team of professionals to support child's needs
  • offer a bespoke package of support within the home. This helps assess and advise parents of 0 to 5 year olds on the best way to progress their child's development through play. It runs for up to 12 weeks depending on the child's needs.
  • after an assessment, families are given a plan of care. This can be put into action by parent carers before home visits begin

Referrals to the service are made by professionals, primarily from Health Visitors.