How can I help my partner when the baby arrives?

Having a baby is an exciting and challenging experience for a new father. There is a lot to learn and take in. Knowing what to expect when the baby arrives will help you properly care for your new baby and support your partner. These pages are designed to give you some knowledge on what to expect as a new father and reassure you that it is ok if you don't know what to do. In the first week, you might be bombarded with requests from family and friends wanting to meet your new baby. While this attention is positive and lovely, it can be overwhelming. It is ok to say no to friends and relatives and limit visits so you can enjoy your new arrival, bond with your baby and rest.

Welcome to your new world of nappy changing, baby bathing and trying to soothe your baby when they cry. Supporting your partner with night feeding can reassure them they are doing well and make them feel supported. If your partner is breastfeeding offer to wind and resettle which will allow them to go back to sleep. If your partner is formula feeding offer to complete some of the night feeds to allow them to rest and will give you bonding time with your baby. It is these sorts of moments, bonding over the early morning feeds that you will never forget. Accept help from family and friends, if they offer to do your washing, cook for you, or wash up taking them up on it. This relieves the pressures on you and your partner and gives you more time with the baby.